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Putting public goods funding on the table.

PotLock is the portal for public goods, non-profits, and communities to raise funds transparently through our global donor network. Free to use forever.
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Potlock is revolutionizing public goods

Bigger networks, aligned incentives, open tracking, and new ways to get money, make PotLock the home for non-profits & donors.

Plural Funding Sources
Online giving strategies are growing. Equip your non profit with the industry’s most innovative funding mechanisms. Matched funding, amplified donations, Direct donations, campaigns, and more funding mechanisms to come.
We are the global directory for self registered impact projects. All projects are listed so our network can find their interests and donate directly. Donors can testify and all data is permanent & accesible for transparency.
Web of Trust
Have verified humans evaluate your impact. The more impact measured the high levels of funding you access.

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Signup as a non-profit organization in minutes and set up on Potlock to start getting funding via donations and matching rounds
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The hardest thing about our platform is choosing how you want to make the most impact.

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Hear unique testimonials about Potlock from our amazing users
PotLock allowed me to expand my donor based globally and engage with new fundraising strategies all seamlessly and smoothly from a quite friendly user interface
Roshaan Khan, Chairman at Minority Think Tank Foundation
Potlock allowed for new discovery for my non-profit allowing both donors and contributors to get involved
Cameron Dennis, Founder of Blockchain Acceleration Foundation
I first learned about PotLock from donating, but then realized it was an open source funding protocol I could contribute to. It’s amazing to be part of a community where I can use my skills to directly grow impact
Chuce, Founder of Chatafisha
Potlock isn’t just a platform, it’s an underlying innovation first community that stays on top of what I need to stay on top of an increasingly digital giving economy
Elijah Spina, Contributor at MoonDAO
Potlock turned something as boring as donations to a gamified community experience where I am in the front row seat of helping grow and support my favorite causes.
Russell Ballard, Co-Founder at 40AcresDAO
As an open source builder, PotLock was the first time I received public donations without the need to campaign
Elliot Braem, Founder at

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